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 Mountain Heights School - Bully Central?

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PostMountain Heights School - Bully Central?

Mountain Heights School here in Queenstown seems to be gaining a reputation, and the campaign trail saw a politician arrive in the town. Nick Sherry was going around, I believe it was him, it could have been someone else, anyway he was getting educated in the education of this town.

I have promised myself, and readers I would never go down the political route, which is still in effect, the mention of Nick Sherry leads me to this blog, the people of this town have mentioned how bad the bullying is, it's getting worse, but no one is doing anything about it and I have to ask this why not?

My brother and sister who are younger then I am won't go to school and they loved school, if they were misbehaving a threat of no school was a bad thing because they loved going to their old school. Sure they were bullied there but that was being stamped out. The Principal of Warrane Primary was trying to stamp out this bullying issue, but nothing seems to be done here.

The twin siblings do not want anything to do with the school, and why would you? Even when they are not at the school they are bullied, my sister went up the shop and some kid pushed her onto the road...Yes...ONTO THE ROAD! She came home, and said how this kid who was 14, was with 3 other girls and he pushed her onto the road.

She is afraid to go up the shops when the kids are around, and I do not blame her one bit. I wouldn't go up there either, then when the schools are out you get rocks thrown on your roof, nothing is being done about these kids.

They run riot through the town as well, I live down the road from the Basketball Courts, and the teenagers toss rocks on our roof, and we have called the police and others have called the police but nothing happens. No one wishes to address the problem.

It's been admitted there is a problem in this town, the kids are doing as they please. Last November a kid was roaming around town with a knife ready to stab another kid. The teachers are made come here, the police are made come here, and then when they get tired they leave.

There needs to be something done, there needs to be harsher penalties in this town for the kids that are roaming around throwing rocks, breaking windows hitting, and bullying kids. There are also kids roaming the town when school was in as well.

It's getting clear that people are just giving up on the kids of this town, while this is a mining town, and the mine is struggling, the kids need to be taught and need to be kept safe at school. But this seems to be an after thought, most kids futures here are either in that mine, or leaving the town and getting into trouble elsewhere.

The bullying seems to be getting worse, no one seems to care, they want to complain to a politician that there are so many bullies here and bullying is pretty bad, but they allow it to continue. They know who the bullies are, they are just too scared to find a solution. A small community where everyone knows everything, and no one wants to work on a solution.

It's pretty sad, but you are seeing a lot of families move out now, and our family seems to be the next to leave, maybe something will change past this year, but I highly doubt that.
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Mountain Heights School - Bully Central?

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