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 A night with a fake celebrity facebook account

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PostA night with a fake celebrity facebook account

I am sure there are many, I have not had time to view them all, but I have come across a fake profile of Alex Walkinshaw which does appear fake. But how would you know? Well if you pay close attention to the way this profile posts, and how "Sarah" posts, and then his niece "Fiona" on the profile, you will see that they type the same, the same spelling errors, the same poor grammar and just the same poor grasp of English.

It has been confirmed that the real Alex Walkinshaw actually has removed his facebook profile, or at least as far as anyone knows he has, he couldn have a profile under another name to be left alone and he was sitting there laughing that his new profile seems to be related to Twillight Characters, and has a poor taste in music, and the worst thing is, his "wife" from what I have been told sits on msn all day, now the real Alex Walkinshaw has 2 young children, now if "Sarah" sat online all day, and Alex sat online all day, who looks after their kids?

So after a couple of hours of mocking this fake profile I was later sent a message by Alex Walkinshaw on facebook and was told "go and drop dead" not a very nice thing for a celebrity to say to a fan, wouldn't you say? What was my worst comment?

I posted that I found it sad that there was a person pretending to be 2 people and being related to an actor, just make themselves look cool I also said to the person how must the real actor feel having a person attacking people online as him, even pretending to be his wife on msn, to sit there all day and making some of these people think that the real Alex Walkinshaw and his wife would spend all night and day online posting on facebook and talking on msn, and not take care of the children, and to have them post abuse on facebook, like he did to some unfortunate 14 year old where "Alex Walkinshaw" later threatened her makes me wonder what a real actor would think of this?

Having Alex Walkinshaw on my facebook it had my home contacts, my phone number, address, and mobile, as well as any emails for him and them to contact me away from facebook and confirm or deny it was a real profile. All I got was abuse for pointing out the similarities between both Alex, Sarah and this other person.

I cannot say for sure if the Ben Richards profile who is also from The Bill is real, but it is pretty clear that the Alex Walkinshaw one is pretty fake, and a pretty poor fake at that. Isn't that scary and sad? that you can google images of these actors, private ones that are online (obviously Alex may have posted these other images on his real one when he had it.) and then to have them used by someone to make him look not only unable to spell, but to make him look like he is an abusive tool.

If I was Alex Walkinshaw and I had found a fake profile of myself on facebook and someone had done this, I would consider legal action against the person, I am sure that Facebook keeps a record of IP Addresses, or some kind of electronic way of tracking users on this. After reporting the abuse, and the person as a fake profile I am surprised to see, well, hear that it was still operating this morning.

How did I come across it I hear you ask, well I was pointed towards it by a friend, and after seeing the stuff posted, and how some of the things have gone, I thought why not add 20 cents worth in there, and by the time I was finished I was blocked, and abused by a person pretending to be a real actor.

I had also been cyber threatened by the fans of the actor, sadly they have no idea that it is fake, or have to believe it's real because they are getting little comments from the profile. I was asked to write a script for a TV show, as my creativity seemed to have no bounds on there, I even offered Alex Walkinshaw a part, all I was given was more abuse.

It's a shame, I guess Alex Walkinshaw will not be in the first pilot of my first show that I write.
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A night with a fake celebrity facebook account :: Comments

Re: A night with a fake celebrity facebook account
Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:21 pm by Frapps

Plagiarism fail.
Re: A night with a fake celebrity facebook account
Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:27 pm by Maj
I wrote on that site as it's my blog. :p
Re: A night with a fake celebrity facebook account
Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:31 pm by Frapps
I'm just so used to little spamlords copying and pasting blogs. Not that you are or anything...
Sorry 'bout that
Re: A night with a fake celebrity facebook account
Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:32 pm by Maj
Nah it's cool, I thought since I have an orble account and was invited here to write on here I'd work on both. Smile

But it's understandable I mean there are so many spammers and such, plus those who steal other peoples work.

A night with a fake celebrity facebook account

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