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 And with that WCW V2 was born

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PostAnd with that WCW V2 was born

Team Hogan has come in and tried to make TNA better, well I have seen it progressively start to become a new version of World Championship Wrestling, poor storylines, and the X Division starts to suffer, remember the dying days of WCW? When the Cruiserweight Division vanished for a long period of time? Welcome to the new WCW. I stopped and wondered, why? Now Daniels is a fine worker, he could have used a mid card spot, and flourished, but no TNA allows him to depart the company.

TNA has allowed Alissa Flash to depart, Awesome Kong to depart, Roxxi leave, and now we have a Knockouts Tag Team Title with barely any knockouts, how bloody sane is this? No way can you have a Knockouts Division if most of your females have been departing. It's even worse when you bring in females that won't be wrestling.

So how about this Dixie, how about you start to see that the cancer of TNA is Hogan, Bischoff and Russo, and maybe ask them to remove the ridiculous Orlando Jordan angle, It's a creepy angle already and it's not even a month old.

So what are you going to do, TNA? Are you going to copy WCW's massive implosion or are you going to realise that Hogan and Bischoff have no idea, and Russo was never anything more then a hack? You want storylines? Hire me for a month and I will show you a storyline....hell I will make iimpact even more watchable I will strip the backstage crap, and fire the useless talent that you have.

I am sorry to say as much as I love AJ Styles as a worker, he won't ever be a massive draw, neither will Samoa Joe, and maybe not even Chris Daniels, they are all mid carders, if we were in another decade maybe there could have been something done to make them main eventers, but they are not.

So what are you going to do TNA? You are struggling to get up, you are not promoting yourself right, your lead attraction stop being marketable a decade ago, and your two main "Creative" writers are out of their depth.

The pot shots need to stop, no one likes it that you are bagging the WWE at every chance you get, that's just lame, and childish and the fans are seeing this. Let's see how you go in the future but I think TNA might be in some massive trouble. I love watching TNA, I loved the Knockouts and the X Division, but if you are going to misuse them, then you are just nuts.

The X Division has been what has made TNA what it was, that and the Knockouts Division that has started to grow and flourish, and now what's happening? The Knockouts are taking a last seat on the TNA Bus, the X Division comes and goes at TNA's pleasure, and we get to see a lame bi-sexual angle that's neither interesting, or clever, it's just annoying.

But just for the record I have seen shows from the WWE that haven't been as great either, so don't you worry I am going to take aim at both but for now TNA needs all the criticism it can stand before it starts to change it's product to something that's not confusing, annoying, and blatantly crap.

It's now on you Eric, and you Hogan, you seem to believe you are the greatest minds, well show us something, because you are making people switch off in a record numbers, and you are getting poor ratings, it cannot keep going if you want to be a company on a TV network passed this year.

So I say this again, what are you going to do Dixie? Can you afford to allow TNA to go down the drain? Or are you going to get up and do something?

The clocks ticking.
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And with that WCW V2 was born :: Comments

Re: And with that WCW V2 was born
Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:14 am by Pav

My favourite TNA wrestler Very Happy

I was never really a massive fan of any type of wrestling, I watched TNA one night and I found it interesting... I really wouldn't wanna see it just go down the drain...

And with that WCW V2 was born

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