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 The art of bullying (Wogsrus Blog)

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PostThe art of bullying (Wogsrus Blog)

What is the world coming to? A 12 year old in Queensland was stabbed to death after a schoolyard incident where a 13 year old classmate inflicted a deadly wound to the chest. The weapon was an 18 centimetre fishing knife. The attacker then tried to commit suicide. This is the second schoolyard death in Queensland schools in 6 months, after a teenage student was king hit (punched) to death.

I’m stunned, seriously stunned about how this could happen in a first world country like Australia. You ask what an outsider thinks of a country like Australia, and they would say something along the lines of, “peaceful, laided-back country”. This attack has led to that statement being in serious jeopardy. Think of the refugees that leave their countries and try to com to Australia, what would they be thinking now. Although, refugees boarding boats and crossing thousands of kilometres over vast oceans and pirate infested waters is completely preposterous, they still need to be let into the country with open arms; after they pass immigration, which takes like a year.

l have seen schoolyard bullying from a personal front, l was bullied heavily in primary school. Although l didn’t really take anything the bullies said to heart, it still was especially off-putting. The only thing they did to me was call me certain derogatory names, that was it, none of this stabbing business. I think teenage violence has come to a point where it has evolved so much in a short space of time; it has become much more openly played out.

Now with technological advancements, such things like the Mobile Phone, or internet sites like Facebook and MyFace, these have been used to carry out these juvenile acts. The art of bullying, if you can call it that, has become a great deal savvier. The children being affected by these bullies have suffered more from these spiteful attacks on them via the use of technology. Saying something to your face is one thing, posting it on the internet for all to see is another, and far inferior.

The point l’m trying to make is that these bullies have become a lot smarter in a sense. The use of technology including the internet has given them greater scope to deliver their idiotic views on people around. All l can say is, l hope things are done to prevent it, and the friends of the bullies are the key.

I hope l haven’t overstepped the mark with anything l have said, it’s a really delicate situation right now.

R.I.P Elliot Fletcher ….and the times of having a safe schoolyard.

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Cheers Wogs!
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The art of bullying (Wogsrus Blog)

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